Alienation ║ Short Film

Directors: Burak Çakır & Mert Dizdar

Writer: Burak Çakır


Humanity, which digitizes rapidly, unwittingly evolves into dystopian loneliness.

 The ongoing battle between the digital and the real world since 1973, when the first global internet connection was established, initially seems to have managed to push people into social and individual alienation by first taking the new generation and then the older generations into its captivity. Today (2019) 57% of young people within the 13-24 age range in our country (Turkey) are either addicted or in danger of becoming addicted to this world.

"Alienation" tries to present this digital addiction, which directly affects our personal and social lives, to its audience with a comprehensive perspective and a dystopian narrative, from family relationships to child development, from socialization methods to consumption psychology.