Translator: Pınar Dinç Kurt

Adem woke up shrinking, he had a nightmare. He didn’t understand what was happening first, he sweated like a horse. When his breathing went normal, he looked around, he was in his room. He reached to his lamp, turned it on to look at the clock, it was near five am. Because he sweated like a horse, his lips dried, too. He got up from bed and drank the water on his night table in one gulp. Then he turned his lamp off and went to bed again. Actually, it was not so smart to try to sleep again after having a bad nightmare. But Adem is not a smart person. He shut his eyes looking into the ceil. He just wanted not to have a nightmare again… 

Adem saw slanting eyes first, then he realized that these eyes were green like an emerald. He saw big cheekbones below the eyes, yellow hairs and pink lips smiling to his face. And Adem gambled on his life, he loved the woman against all the risks he had. However, she did not love Adem as he loved her, Adem knew it. Even so he loved her so much and in time maybe she would love him so much, too. Maybe not know but tomorrow, maybe not tomorrow but one day she would love him.  Or she couldn’t love him so much but she might get used to love him. She would get used to be loved. She would get used to Adem and Adem thought that people can not leave their habits. He gambled on his life just because of this reason, he believed it. 

He had a successful strategy in the beginning, he closed to her slowly. When he started to close her, the place they were in shaped. It was a book store, they were in a big but an old book store. Adem closed to her up one side and down the other and just when he closed to her so much, he realized that she was holding a book on her hands called Love Words. He took courage because of this and he closed to her to grab her hands and kiss her finger tips. In the second part, it was so monotonous, Adem came into her life but he was guest. But he wanted to be embraced and wanted to embrace, too. She was different from the other women; she doesn’t like to be embraced. In the third part, Adem started to be worried, there were small arguments between them, she did not love him and did not embrace him. Adem needed to try new things, he needed an exact solution. Poems weren’t enough for her but when talking about about Adem did not live without poems. Fourth part began slowly; things took a shape on the contrary to the last two parts. They spent so much time together and they were happy. They sang songs together in the steers by holding hands and went to movies. There were art movies and Bollywood films at the cinema but they liked these movies, too which was really matter. She started to get used to this, their love had a hope. Adem started to feel his victory and he was courage. Yet in the middle of the fourth part, things went wrong. She had a phone call suddenly. She began to walk immediately and just said “I need to go” and she left without waiting a respond. Adem was on his own in a cinema saloon at Batıkent. He lost his chance.

He woke up shrinking, he had a nightmare, he was breathless. He looked at his clock, it passed seven o clock. He went to bed and said “God!” and continued, “Please! Please give me another chance!”. He closed his eyes just wishing not to have a nightmare again. Actually, it was not so smart to try to sleep after having a bad nightmare. But Adem is not a smart person at all…